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Idiosyncratic and unusual, but never dull: Welcome to the German capital and the new in-capital of Europe. Much to discover, learn more, do more: Berlin offers sightseeing, everything that you have the very purpose. Look forward to the Berlin landmark, the imposing Brandenburg Gate, on the shopping at Potsdamer Platz and Friedrichstrasse in or on the political life in the Reichstag. Feel German history during a tour along the former course of the Berlin Wall.


Berlin is 800 years one of the younger European cities, but can still provide an unique and impressive history. Science, education and culture have been traditionally the domain of Berlin and its rulers, and so are also found traces of sightseeing around the most famous and most impressive personalities, from Alexander von Humboldt to Marlene Dietrich, by Bert Brecht Knobelsdorff, Max Liebermann and Hildegard Knef.


Sightseeing in Berlin will fascinate you. The city is extremely versatile and has many faces. The one they are wild, colorful, and always surprising. The others shy away a little before the rush-meaning and sincere gruffness. But it is precisely these contradictions that make Berlin so attractive. And no matter whether you like it or not – Berlin will not let go. Use care when walking tour to explore. A vibrant international city with wonderful people waiting for you.


Be impressed by Berlin, not only, but also entertained: Experience world-class theater in numerous venues across Berlin, elaborate revues at the Friedrichstadt Palast, long nights in the club “cookies”.